Boldoversize's T-shirts are 100% cotton, so take good care of your 100% cotton clothes to make sure that they last longer. It saves you money in the long run and protects the environment.
To avoid making mistakes when doing your laundry, here is the ultimate guide to washing 100% cotton clothes.

You can wash 100% cotton garments and textiles by hand or by machine. Cool water, gentle laundry detergent, and air drying are the best ways to prevent shrinking, wrinkling, and fading.

Can You Machine Wash 100% Cotton?                                                  

You can wash 100% cotton items in the washing machine, but be mindful of the settings you use. Cotton is susceptible to shrinking if you expose it to too much heat. Use a cool water cycle and a gentle laundry detergent.

Can You Machine Dry 100% Cotton?

You can use your dryer to dry 100% cotton, but you should take the items out while they are still damp. Use a low-heat or permanent press setting, as too much heat will shrink your clothing. Cotton also wrinkles easily when you over-dry it, which is why a permanent press setting works well.
Air-drying 100% cotton clothes is the best way to keep them looking and feeling their best for as long as possible. Hanging them on a clothesline or laying them out on a drying rack when they’re damp will help prevent wrinkling, too.

What Temperature to Wash Cotton?

Under most circumstances, you should wash cotton items in lukewarm or cold water. Cold water helps keep colors bright and prevents fabric shrinkage. Hot water won’t shrink your cotton items as quickly as a hot dryer will, but it will fade colors and shorten the garment’s lifespan.

Does 100% Cotton Shrink in the Wash?

100% cotton can shrink in the wash, but it is more likely to shrink in the dryer. Heat is the primary reason for cotton shrinkage. Drying 100% cotton at high heat sets the fibers in their new, shrunken size and makes it harder to restore them.

How to Wash 100% Cotton Without Shrinking It

Washing Machine

The water temperature and the cycle are more important than the soap type, however. Use cold water for bright colors and delicate items and lukewarm or tap-water cool water for everything else. A regular wash cycle is fine for most 100% cotton clothing. Very delicate or thin fabrics may need a gentle cycle.

Hand Wash

If you prefer to handwash your 100% cotton, you’ll need a large sink or basin where you can submerge your clothing all the way. Fill the sink with lukewarm or cool water and the laundry soap of your choice, then submerge the clothes.